hacking your creativities at home
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Printing out your imagine at home

SparkMaker Printings Gallery

High quality 3d models

Delivering high-quality printings printing at 100µm XY resolution and up to 20µm Z layer thickness


SparkMaker has an amazing ability to print in high resolution and a 3.9"x2.2"x0.5" molding size.

Why sparkmaker original is different?

More Killer Features

Except for the high quality printings compared to other SLA 3D Printers on the market, it's extremely User-friendly, this printer supports offline printing. Simply insert an SD card with a pre-loaded design, press the print button and your creation will begin to take shape. SparkMaker also uses affordable UV LCD resins in various types, each suitable for different objects you wish to create. Create quality 3D models at an affordable price with SparkMaker!

Easy to use

SparkMaker Original allows you to create with 3 steps easily. What you need to do is just download files, insert SD card and press one button. You are all set! 3D printing can never as easier as SparkMaker.

Offline Printing

Unlike other SLA 3D printers that require a computer connection, SparkMaker supports offline printing, simply insert an SD card with a pre-loaded design, press the print button and your creation begins to take shape.

Great Resins

SparkMaker promotion bundle comes with 3 resins including grey hard resin (LCD-BG), white hard resin (LCD-BW) and fresh Hard resin (LCD-BF) to start your imagination whenever you want!


When we designed SparkMaker, we aimed to strip away the clutter and keep things as simple as possible. As a result, SparkMaker has no moving parts that aren’t essential to the printing process. This simplicity allows the SparkMaker to keep running smoothly over time.

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